Email Marketing

If you have read about online marketing, then you surely have heard that "the money is on the list." Automated Email Marketing Software can help you market your products or services and provide you with warm leads eager to hand you their money. Here are five reasons why.

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First of all, its cost. Not only it is inexpensive, but it is also highly cost-effective. Your costs are basically getting people to sign up for your list and the monthly fee you pay for the automated email service of your choice.

Second, its effectiveness. When a person goes through the trouble of subscribing to your email list, and then confirming their interest, that means they are highly interested in your offer. And, from that point on, that person is just one email message away from your reach. That person is much more likely to buy your product of service because they already took active steps into allowing you into their lives, unlike someone else who might just see your ad somewhere else. Plus, you will have an opportunity to further develop your relationship with them as time goes by.

Third, its insights. Good email software allows you to understand email open rates, click-through rates on each of the links you place in your messages, and many other statistics. Each and every one of them allows you to gain further insight about your prospective customers and their aggregate actions in response to your inputs. You can continuously track what your subscribers respond to, as well as compare email subject lines, and further improve your marketing efforts.

Fourth, its trust. You get the unique opportunity to establish yourself as an expect in the eyes of each of your prospects by continuously sharing useful and updated information. You will also have the opportunity to answer their questions, even before they ask them. As this process takes place, they will be more likely to buy your product or subscribe to your service.

Fifth, its automation. Connecting with customers is great, but your day only has 24 hours and many other competing tasks. Email Marketing allows you to set it up the first time, refine it every now and then, and continuously reap the benefits from your upfront effort. You can create a sales funnel for an existing product, communicate a special offer, and even celebrate a relevant milestone. You can also time the entire interaction, such as make the subscriber receive a thank you email as soon as they confirm their subscription, then introduce yourself the next day, then receive a new email every other day until they become a paying customer.

Email marketing can be very effective for businesses of all sizes. Make sure to add it to your marketing tool set as well. It will pay for itself many times.