Email Marketing Software

email marketing software is a custom software that allows businesses to send commercial messages to a group of clients easily. This means that the business can send out information to clients as often as required without tying up all employees in this single activity. We explore the benefits of such software to businesses all over the world.

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Benefits of Email Marketing software

Tracking abilities

Email marketing software has in built trackers that allow the business to measure different marketing metrics such as the open rate, the click through rate, level of unsubscription, number of shares and so on. These metrics are important in identifying areas where the business is doing well and areas where improvements are necessary. These statistics are available at the click of a button making it a great tool for small businesses that may not have the technical knowhow to calculate these figures manually. Besides, they save time and effort that could have been used to compute these figures.


The software allows businesses to target their marketing efforts to different audiences based on their consumption preferences, age, geographical locations and other demographics. The contacts can be divided into categories or groups which makes it easier for them to target their marketing campaigns when necessary.

Automation of emails

The software also allows automation such that emails can be sent even on holidays, weekends and on days when everyone is on field work. This is done through email scheduling where the information is prepared and scheduled to go out at a specific time of a future date. This can be done up to a couple of weeks in advance for information that may not be affected by future occurrences such as holiday greetings. This ensures that the business is able to maintain a routine with respect to marketing efforts and prevents disruptions that can be brought about by holidays and other abrupt changes in operation hours.

Low cost of marketing

The software provides one of the most affordable marketing opportunities for businesses. The low subscription fees for some and low initial investment are especially attractive to small and growing businesses that may nit have a lot of money to dedicate to their marketing initiatives. Besides this, it eliminates such costs as postage fees, printing fees, the cost of stationery used in printing and sending the pamphlets or brochures.

Ease of sharing

The software have been built in such a way that makes it easy for clients and email recipients to share the information received with their family, friends and business contacts. This way, the recipients can also act as marketing agents for the business which increases the return on investment of all marketing efforts.

Email marketing is also easy to use and therefore small startup businesses that do not have technical marketing staff need not worry about the time it will taken to learn how to use it. In addition, the software can be customised to meet specific business needs where necessary. The software may also be sold with templates that the business could use as they develop their own templates.